Painted Cookies.

My sister really hated being pregnant (this does relate back to cookies in the end, for those of you that are worried).

Instead of glowing, radiant and ‘barefoot in the kitchen’, she was grumpy, ‘fat’ and so impossible, that the idea of being barefoot in the kitchen would have just pissed her off, along with almost every other aspect of the universe within that 9 month period. 

Mum and I took on the challenge of throwing her a baby shower (brave and stupid). After weeks of planning and baking, and with growing fears that all our efforts may have been entirely in vain, we were overcome with relief when my sister broke into tears of joy at the sight of the beautiful sweet table and all the people who loved her in one place. 

At that moment I had discovered two great things in life. The power of intimate gatherings and the art of decorating cookies.

This was no ordinary sweets table you see. This was a woodland themed confectionary fantasy on steroids. There were tiny mushroom cookies, edible chocolate rocks, a cake piled high with glossy, voluptuous forest fruits and flowers, lemon meringue tartlets with blow torched tops and of course beautiful painted cookies with delicate ferns and foliage.

My sister was given the task of hand painting the cookies. We felt she would do a magnificent job and we secretly hoped it would distract her from being pissed off. No luck with the hope but they definitely were magnificent cookies.

For our Easter table at the Bistro, I created some hand painted cookies and did promise I would share them with you.


This technique of decorating is incredibly effective and the process is super creative and fun. The cookies can be baked and covered ahead of time, so this is a perfect treat for any small gathering or party. 

I’m very excited to be teaching small groups the art of painting cookies in some upcoming workshops at Bligh St Bistro. If you are interested in coming along to a workshop and want to be inspired to create beautiful edible art, sign up to our email list for info at the bottom of this page OR share with a friend who can learn how to make them for you. Ah, the joys of talented, giving friends. 

Hope you have a sweet weekend,


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  1. I’m interested in signing up for any and all possible workshops in the August period. I’m a big fan! x

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