An Easter Brunch . Table Styling


To me, Easter is all about excess. Excessive amounts of chocolate, excessive amounts of regret for eating said chocolate and excessive amounts of cute craft and no guilt whatsoever in indulging in that.

Our Easter brunch at the Bistro was a little bit whimsical with a touch of pistachio and a splash of hot pink. The table styling was inspired by some beautiful vintage placemats found in a wonderful fabric shop in Rockdale called Pitt Trading




Fluffy yellow feathers hung from the ceiling above and within reachable distance on the table were the most delicious Easter eggs you will ever eat. They happen to be sold down the road from us at Coco Chocolate in Kirribilli (this is more tragic than it sounds). Coco is like a real life ‘Chocolat’ experience minus the tasty Johnny Depp. It is such a gorgeous shop and the praline in those eggs is actually worth the extra bum fat. They usually start selling them in the shop in March and it takes all my self control not to buy a packet a week. They look just like real eggs so they make the perfect table decoration. I made some little felt flowers and placed them in amongst the eggs (because there is no excuse needed for a little bit of Easter craft). 



I also scattered some miniature decorated cookies on the table. Watch out for a post on how to make them soon.




To mark places I created a little Egg placecard. These are super simple to make yourself. All you need is a store bought white candy egg (these eggs have a candy coating and chocolate inside) I bought mine at Fourth Village Providore in Mosman but there are many shops that sell these at Easter time so keep an eye out.

I used food colouring to paint the names onto the eggs. Use a little water with the food colouring to make it slightly easier to paint but don’t add too much or your design will not be bold enough and the candy might ‘melt’. Once the eggs are dry, place them in little ceramic ramekins (or egg cups would be super cute) filled with fairy floss. I used a pistachio fairy floss to follow my colour scheme but you could use what you like to create the candy nest. One word of wisdom is to do this part just before your guests arrive if you live in a humid climate since the fairy floss absorbs moisture when sitting around too long.


The one thing that made the whole table come to life were the GIANT hot pink dahlias from Portobello Rose. It is amazing how flowers can transform something modest into something grand. I cut the stems down very short and placed them in cocktail glasses of water since I don’t like centrepieces to be in the way of conversation. 


I hope our little gathering inspires your next Spring brunch.

What we ate coming soon…



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