Christmas Cookie Decorating: Workshop @ The Happen Store

This past month has seen one massive project come into being and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.
Bligh St. Bistro is going to be involved in an incredible creative hub in Sydney called The Happen Store.  A space to come, to make, to learn and become inspired. The Happen Store is my new happy place where a bunch of wonderful makers and creators are coming to share their work, their skills and most of all, their passion. An endless line up of wonderful workshops, a fabulous supply store and purveyor of unique items of desire (handmade to perfection) and scrumptious food & special teas provided by yours truly.
The doors of this magical place open on Saturday December 10th from midday and you are all invited to come along and celebrate a slice of paradise in this busy city of ours.
And to kick off our workshop series for Christmas, I’m hosting a cookie decorating workshop where I will teach the tips and tricks of the trade. 
Come along for a night of silly season fun and go home with some serious skills. I’ll be providing a cookie decorating toolkit with all the supplies you will need to make your own beautiful edible artwork. You will learn covering techniques, painting techniques and the skill of pattern making. You will also get a copy of my never fail sugar cookie recipe and a box of beautifully decorated (by you of course) cookies to take home and gift over Christmas (or you could eat them and make another batch to reaffirm what you learnt in the class). 
If you are in Sydney then come along and enjoy this wonderful space with brilliant people (not biased at all, but trust me we’re pretty nice) and enjoy many hours of creativity. Feed your soul and you will feel like you can tackle all the special in-laws or at least shove a cookie in their mouth.
BOOK HERE or pop in on the 10th @ 55 Parramatta Rd. Annandale.

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