Wattle Inspired Wedding Invitation & Decorated Cake.

I recently had the pleasure of working with a lovely couple to create a custom wedding invitation and cake for their special day. It was such a fantastic project to work on since my artwork was a big part of the beginning and end of the occasion, the bookends, with a collection of wonderful things in-between.

The couple were after a floral invitation that didn’t feel overly feminine. I was inspired by the gentle silvery-green foliage of the Queensland Silver Wattle, since it was both soft and graphic. The colours inspired the wash in the background and informed the cake colour later on.



The cake beneath was layers of chocolate mud and pistachio, coated in a rich dark chocolate ganache. The top tier was coated in an edible pearlescent paint and the bottom tier was painted by hand, paying homage to the invitation that had arrived many months before.



I can’t wait to see the Silver Wattle start to bloom this year and think of these two.

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