Real Dyed Easter Eggs.

There’s something very special about having decorated eggs around the house at Easter.
I mean chocolate is all well and good but I find each time I walk past a bowl of chocolate eggs the quantity diminishes, till there’s nothing left. These beautiful real dyed Easter eggs are a little easier to keep around. Each time you walk past and catch a glimpse of them you will be in awe of your handy work, if you are anything like me that is.

Real Dyed Easter Eggs
Makes 12
You will need:
12 eggs
1 packet Greek red egg dye
1 cup vinegar
A selection of pretty herb leaves (I used baby curry leaves, dill, parsley, lemon balm and oregano)
Work with room temperature eggs. Wash and Dry the eggs.

Slightly wet the leaves to stick them to the egg and secure them in place by wrapping the stocking around and tying with a piece of string. Some of the finer leaves won’t stick with water so just hold them in place and use the stocking to secure their position. Make sure the stocking is secured with string on both ends and firmly pulled over the egg to stop the leaf from moving.

Dye the eggs according to the packet instructions.
I cook the eggs in gently boiling water for 15 minutes. Dissolve the red dye in a glass of water and add it to the pot of eggs. Add the vinegar and gently stir. Remove the eggs when they are the desired shade.
Dry the eggs on pins to make sure the dye doesn’t rub off on one side.


I personally think they are too pretty to eat but if you intend to eat yours, store them in the fridge until needed.

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